Juan Pablo Hosts Vegas “Bachelorette Blowout”: What does Nikki Think?
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Hosts Vegas “Bachelorette Blowout”: What does Nikki Think?

Ever since Juan Pablo Galavis handed out The Final Rose on Season 18 of The Bachelor, rumors have flown that he’s less than faithful to winner Nikki Ferrell. Not only did he not propose during the show’s finale, he also skirted the “L-word” by saying he “likes Nikki a lot.” So how do you think Nikki feels about her Latin lover hosting a party with a room full of women willing to shell out 20 bucks to hang out with him? Probably not great.

If the event announcement is any indication, JPG will be in his element, i.e., surrounded by beautiful women pumped full of alcohol all vying for his attention with some sultry moves on the dance floor. Which is kinda the opposite of Nikki’s comfort zone — remember her godawful dancing in South Korea? The promoters don’t say whether Juan Pablo’s other half will be by his side, but either option for her in this situation kind of sucks. She can a) go with JPG and suffer flashbacks of her time on The Bachelor when hordes of women were trying to take Juan Pablo away from her or she can b) sit at home and wonder what JPG is up to with hordes of other women…

This is the second event we’ve heard of that’s “boasted” El Bachelor as its celebrity host. The first was at a nightclub in Atlantic City. The rumor back then was that Juan Pablo refused to allow the promoters to include any mention of ABC or The Bachelor on flyers for the event. Oh yeah, and that went really well, like when a "fan" threw drinks on him. Looks like he’s gotten past the name association aversion and has realized he’d better embrace the show that made him.

Would you pay $20 to catch a glimpse of Juan Pablo in action?

Source: Chateau Nightclub Las Vegas

04.29.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rachel Evans
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