Have Juan Pablo’s Mistakes Changed Chris Harrison’s View of Him?
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Have Juan Pablo’s Mistakes Changed Chris Harrison’s View of Him?

Certainly, Juan Pablo Galavis isn’t the first Bachelor to have made some questionable decisions. Heck, he’s not even the first Bachelor to have taken a sexy late-night swim with one of his ladies, which we suppose means that Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson are trailblazers of sorts. Still, Juan Pabs has made a lot of mistakes since stepping into the limelight — so how has Chris Harrison’s opinion of him changed over the course of the unpredictable season?

At a recent teleconference with the media, Chris was asked whether Juan Pablo’s many gaffes including his dip in the ocean with Clare Crawley and his comments about a gay Bachelor make him see Juan Pablo differently. As it turns out, Chris knew what the show would be getting into. Or, to put it in a way Juan Pablo can understand, Chris seems to think that the season has been “OK.”

“No, it really hasn't changed my opinion,” Chris says. He explains that these hiccups were to be expected from someone like Juan Pablo “who had never seen the show” and has an “innocence and naivete to him.” Chris is glad that Bachelor producers broke the mold a bit by picking JPG, and Chris even thinks that the show is predicated on the notion that “these people are flawed.” That’s some serious spin there, Chris.

OK, Chris makes some valid points. It is nice that someone like Juan Pablo keeps the show from feeling like we’re seeing the same type of Bachelor over and over. And certainly, Juan Pablo’s personality has led to one of the more wilder seasons in recent memory, with all the constant makeout sessions and late-season walkouts.

Still, Juan Pablo has never appeared focused on finding his own true match, with the show just seeming more like a good time for the guy. And so we have to assume that Chris is just saving face and is secretly hoping that the show’s next Bachelorette rumored to be Andi Dorfman manages to repair the mold that Juan Pablo metaphorically smashed to pieces. Somebody get the Krazy Glue.

Do you agree with Chris that Juan Pablo was still the right choice?

Source: ABC