Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell at Odds Over His Rumored Cheating — Report
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Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell at Odds Over His Rumored Cheating — Report

It might be time for a collective brow-furrow from Bachelor Nation. Just as we’ve started to get our hopes up about Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell having what it takes to go the distance, we’re getting a new report suggesting the couple has been at odds over rumors of Juan Pablo’s infidelity. In other words: ay, yi, yi.

In the past few days, Juan Pablo and Nikki seemed to be proving the naysayers wrong about their romance. They headed to Miami following this week’s “After the Final Rose” and were spotted kissing at an art event on Tuesday. So far, so good, right?

Not so fast. Radar Online reports that the couple had a major argument when they first met up in L.A. this week after all those months apart. “Nikki asked Juan Pablo point blank if he had cheated on her [since the show finished filming in November 2013],” and Juan Pablo “wouldn’t even answer her,” according to a source. Instead, he reportedly kept changing the subject.

Sources add that, whenever Juan Pablo’s phone would ring, he would leave the room to take the call and “refused” to tell Nikki who had called. As for the evening of the ATFR, the couple “did not spend the night together,” according to the source. Apparently, Nikki wanted to spend the night with him, but he wasn’t feeling it, so they stayed in separate hotel rooms. And here we thought that couples only slept in separate beds on I Love Lucy.

First off, we must say that we’re having a lot of trouble believing this report. Like, it’s hard to imagine him walking out of the room to take a call when he could just not answer his phone. As for the part about him not answering Nikki’s questions about whether he cheated… well, he does have a knack for evasiveness.

Still, we have a hard time believing he would have already cheated, given how much scrutiny he’s been under. Or maybe we prefer to naively live in our own fantasy world where no one does bad things, and it’s always Friday, and you can eat pizza for every meal. Luckily, today is Friday, and we are currently eating pizza. Your move, Juan Pabs...

Do you believe the rumors that Juan Pablo wouldn’t answer Nikki about whether he cheated? And do you think the two of them slept in the same bed after the ATFR?

Source: Radar Online