Will Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Make It? Des Hartsock Isn’t Optimistic
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Will Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Make It? Des Hartsock Isn’t Optimistic

It’s no big secret that Desiree Hartsock is not currently a Juan Pablo Galavis fan, despite the fact that she appeared to be briefly infatuated with him when they first met on her season of Bachelorette. So, does Des think Juan Pabs and Nikki Ferrell have what it take to go the distance? Uh… let’s just say that the couple might not want to keep reading what she has to say.

In an interview with Your Tango, Desiree was asked how likely it is that JPG and Nikki’s romance will last, on a scale from 1 to 10. “I'm in the middle at 5 because the relationship grows the most after filming, so we will see what happens,” she responds. She adds that “the best thing they can do is be alone together to start their relationship,” which is why Des was happy to hear about their Caribbean vacay.

So, her “5” rating is a tad harsh, no? After all, a 5 out of 10 translates to Des giving their relationship an “F,” which means they’re off to the Bachelor version of summer school (and no, that’s not code for Bachelor Pad). Then again, out of all the various Bachelor/ette couples over the years, far fewer than half of them are still together so maybe 5 out of 10 is actually generous on Des’s part.

Of course, what really matters is that Nikki and Juan Pablo are happy. And we do think Des’s advice about the couple spending lots of time just getting to know each other is solid. But given that Nikki and Juan Pablo are about to hang out in a nightclub in exchange for money, we’re not certain that they’ve actually received the “spend time alone” memo.

Are you surprised by Des’s rating for the couple? Or do you agree with it?

Source: Your Tango