Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell Spotted Kissing at Miami Art Event
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Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell Spotted Kissing at Miami Art Event

The night of the “After the Final Rose” did not appear to be a very relaxing one for Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell. However, their mood was apparently much different the next day, as they not only enjoyed dinner at a casual Venezuelan restaurant — as we had previously reported — but also attended an art event. And yes, smooching was involved.

On March 11 one day after telling Chris Harrison to shove it (or something along those lines) Juan Pablo and Nikki attended Hebru Brantley’s art exhibition at Toys for Boys, an event space in Miami. “They were very affectionate, putting their arms around each other and even kissing in public,” a source tells People.

Meanwhile, an E! Online source adds that the couple “walked in hand in hand” and “were really into each other.” And fellow gallery guests reportedly heard the couple discussing their upcoming vacation to the Dominican Republic, which backs up a previous report we had heard about their post-show plans.

So, does this mean Juan Pablo is secretly an art aficionado? Who knew! At any rate, this is a promising start for the couple, since paintings and Venezuelan food sounds like a really chill and delightful post-finale first date to us.

Granted, this is just their first date, so we’re not going to start taking electric slide lessons in anticipation of their wedding just yet. (Also, we don’t need lessons: We’re awesome at the electric slide.) Plus, the fact that they locked lips at a fancy art event doesn’t really tell us what these two are like behind closed doors. However, there were times when we weren’t even sure if the couple would make it this far, so you could say we’re cautiously optimistic. What about you?

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