Juan Pablo Galavis Using Nikki Ferrell For Money? — Rumor Patrol
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Juan Pablo Galavis Using Nikki Ferrell For Money? — Rumor Patrol

Remember how Juan Pablo Galavis exclaimed at the Bachelor Season 18 ATFR to Chris Harrison and the rest of America that he and Nikki Ferrell just wanted to live a private life? Hang on a sec we're trying not to chuckle as we think back on him saying that. Indeed, a new rumor suggests that the couple is getting paid by selling their personal photos to the media.

In Touch reports that Juan Pablo and Nikki have sold personal photos of themselves that they took during their recent trip to the Dominican Republic. They are "splitting the profits" and "both want to be famous," says a source. The source claims that selling the pics was the couple's idea and that Juan Pablo is hoping to book more faux-candid photo shoots while the public is still interested in them. The source even adds that Juan Pablo sees Nikki as "just a prop."

While selling photos or getting paid for an upcoming club appearance isn't the behavior of a couple that wants a private life, we can't say we blame them for making money off the pics, since paparazzi would just take their photo anyway. For Nikki's sake, we hope they're at least splitting the profits. By the way, Nikki looks gorgeous in all of the couple's photos, which shouldn't be a huge surprise, since she is a part-time model.

Frankly, the one part that we really don't want to be true is that Juan Pablo sees Nikki as a "prop." Nikki is a smart, outgoing woman who deserves to have a man who loves being with her, not just being seen with her. So we're hoping that at least some of this story is an exaggeration.

Are you surprised that Juan Pablo and Nikki are reportedly selling their photos? Or do you think it would be silly for them not to?

Source: In Touch