Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Attend Tennis Event — He’s a “Player of All Kinds”!
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Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Attend Tennis Event — He’s a “Player of All Kinds”!

If you heard Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell use the word "love" this week, you shouldn't get too excited they were probably just using the tennis-related meaning of the word. However, the two were apparently looking very affectionate at a recent star-studded tennis event. And one celeb squeezed in a pretty awesome dig at Juan Pablo.

Juan Pablo and Nikki attended Moet & Chandon's Tiny Tennis event in Miami on March 19, according to Us Weekly. The two "looked as much like a real, happy couple as you could expect," according to a source. "Whether sitting or standing, some part of them were always touching," adds the eyewitness.

And while it's hard to gauge their relationship based on how they act at a public event that's swarming with photographers, it's definitely sweet to hear how affectionate they were. Plus, they were apparently willing to take photos with fans, one of whom was Real Housewives of Miami's Adriana De Moura.

But without a doubt, our favorite part of this story is what tennis great Roger Federer, who hosted the event, said about Juan Pablo that night. Juan Pablo spent some of the evening playing tennis with other celebs, and so Roger referred to him as "a player of all kinds." Nicely done, Roger! Apparently, JPG laughed off the remark, but you can assume he wasn't thrilled about it.

And so, every day we appear to be hearing about a new date that Juan Pabs and Nikki just went on, and about how cute and cuddly they were on it. Yes, rumors persist about their relationship being a show for the cameras, but we're preferring to believe they really are developing their connection. As you know, love conquers all (and not just in the tennis way).

What do you think about how Juan Pablo and Nikki were acting at the event? And what do you think of Roger Federer's joke about Juan Pablo?

Source: Us Weekly