Juan Pablo Galavis’s Bachelor Blog: Why Nikki Ferrell Got the Group Date Rose
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Juan Pablo Galavis’s Bachelor Blog: Why Nikki Ferrell Got the Group Date Rose

What did Nikki Ferrell do to earn the group date rose on The Bachelor Season 18, Episode 4? Was it her general hotness or is Juan Pablo Galavis just proud of her for shaking what her momma didn’t give her, in front of hoards of fans?

JPG isn’t always consistent in what he says or does (ahem, we thought you weren’t kissing people...), so his reasoning for giving Nikki the K-Pop rose is a little confusing. In his People blog, he mentioned it’s a turn-on for him when a girl can dance and it’s a turn-off if she can’t. And yet, he had two former pro sports team dancers on the date (Cassandra Ferguson and Kat Hurd), but he gave the rose to the girl who, by her own admission, was a terrible dancer. And not only that, she dreaded the whole concept of dancing!

Here’s JPG’s take on the date: “Nikki and Danielle were very nervous because of their dancing skills, but I was there to have a good time and see how the girls handled being in or out of their comfort zones,” he wrote, reminding us that Danielle Ronco is still there, having had maybe one total minute of screen time all season. “The biggest surprise wasn't just practicing, it was when 2NE1 told Mis Niñas that we were going to be the backup dancers at a concert they were performing that night. The girls died – some from excitement (Cassandra and Kat), while some were simply scared (Danielle and Nikki).”

JPG said their performance was pretty good and he loved how the women went with the flow and enjoyed the ride. And as for why the coveted flower went to our girl Seethy Nix? “I gave the rose to Nikki because I wanted to make her feel more comfortable when it came to opening up to me.” OK … so maybe he was rewarding her candor — like when she said she said that her inability to make eye contact with him proved that she liked him, because of “science”? It’s not like he saw all of her complaining to the cameras, so maybe for all he knew, she was pure make the best of it positivity.

Juan Pablo further attempted to explain his Nikki decision in a deleted scene showing his first deliberation with Chris Harrison. Chris asked why she got the group date rose, and he gave a slightly less diplomatic answer. "'Cause Nikki's just Nikki, man,” Juan Pablo said, smiling. “What does that mean?” Chris asked. "She's just Nikki,” JPG continued. “She's cute, she’s sexy. She has a good sense of humor, and I want to get to know her more." So he just likes her. End of story.

Would you have given Nikki the group date rose? Do you think there’s any logic in any of JPG’s rose decisions or is he just going with his heart, not his head?

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