Why Juan Pablo Galavis Should Pick Clare Crawley in the Bachelor 2014 Finale
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Why Juan Pablo Galavis Should Pick Clare Crawley in the Bachelor 2014 Finale

There’s no question that Juan Pablo Galavis has liked Clare Crawley from the get-go. In fact, at times it has almost seemed as though he might like her a bit too much. But while the man has also developed a special connection with Nikki Ferrell, it has become clear that Clare is the right one for him.

The biggest clue that JPG should pick the Sacramento-based hairstylist is their obvious physical chemistry. As we’ve learned, Juan Pablo isn’t as fond of sharing his innermost emotions as other Bachelor and Bachelorette alumni meaning he’s not gonna whip up an impromptu poem for someone, Chris Siegfried-style so the way he shows his affection is by making out. And let’s just say he’s been “showing his affection” for Clare at every chance he gets.

But their bond is clearly more than just skin-deep. We were impressed by their sweet conversation during their relaxed one-on-one in New Zealand, and the way he encouraged her to throw a rock in her dad’s memory on their Hometown Date. We even admire that Juan Pablo was more than willing to chat with Clare’s sister Laura, even though Clare herself was not happy her sister was acting like a total nutjob by refusing to leave Clare alone with “Momma.”

Plus, maybe it has to do with Clare being 32 years old, or the way she touchingly talks about her memories of her own father, but she just seems more ready to be a mom than Nikki does. So yes, we think Juan Pablo should offer her the final rose and it’s not because they clearly can’t wait to rip each other’s clothes off when they see each other. At least, that’s not the only reason for our decision.

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