Why Juan Pablo Galavis Should Pick Nikki Ferrell in the Bachelor 2014 Finale
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Why Juan Pablo Galavis Should Pick Nikki Ferrell in the Bachelor 2014 Finale

Are you familiar with that ancient proverb, “The couple that rides mechanical bulls together, stays together”? OK, so that might not be an actual proverb. But it could be, as Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell seem to be proving. And while the couple may have explored a cave called “Hell” on the show, we actually think they’re a match made in heaven. (Awww)

Juan Pablo and the 26-year-old pediatric nurse from Kansas City got along like gangbusters right out of the gate. The two had a cute convo on the season premiere, and then Nikki quickly racked up the roses, earning ‘em on back-to-back group dates. Later, their cave date (no, that’s not a euphemism) proved just how strong their connection was getting.

But it wasn’t until their 1-on-1 in Miami that Nikki became the permanent front-runner. Why did their date put her at the front of the pack, you ask? One word: Camila. There’s no way Juan Pablo would have introduced Nikki to his daughter if he weren’t planning on giving her the final rose, considering none of the other ladies met his pride and joy — including rival Clare Crawley, who got kind of a lukewarm response from Juan Pabs when she suggested they should meet.

Nikki and Juan Pabs just seem to fit together. Her Hometown Date was by far the smoothest, and Nikki whom we know is good with kids, given her career path seemed really happy to get to know Camila. Saying that Juan Pablo should pick Nikki feels like a no-brainer. And no, “no-brainer” is not our nickname for Juan Pablo.

Do you think Juan Pablo should choose Nikki? Let us know below! Want to know who he does pick? We’ve got you covered.