Juan Pablo Refusing to Watch Andi Dorfman’s Bachelorette Season! Why?
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Juan Pablo Refusing to Watch Andi Dorfman’s Bachelorette Season! Why?

Things between The Bachelor Season 18’s Juan Pablo Galavis and Andi Dorfman didn’t exactly end with ponies and rainbows when she exited the show after the Fantasy Suite dates in St. Lucia. The newly minted Bachelorette gave El Bachelor the tongue lashing heard round the world the morning after their sexy time date, and when he didn’t respond with anything but “ees okay,” the district attorney said “case closed” and packed her bags. Suffice it to say, we weren’t exactly surprised when Juan Pablo recently tweeted he wouldn’t be watching Andi’s upcoming season of The Bachelorette. What did surprise us, however, was the Latin lady killer’s reason for not tuning in.

Apparently Juan Pabs doesn’t hold a grudge, and the reason his eyes won’t be glued to the tube for Andi’s fling with 25 fetching menfolk is not because he’s suffering from any Andi-related PTSD, but because… he “will CALL Andi to get her VERSION…” (We’re not sure why, but yes, that is how he chose to capitalize his otherwise pretty great message.) Rather than watching all the delicious drama play out Telemundo style and jumping to conclusions like we love to do, JPG will pick up the telephone and ask the 27-year-old Atlantan for her side of the story? We gotta say, that endears us to him a bit more than we thought possible.

In fact, as JPG goes on to reveal in another tweet, he has already had a Facetime chat with Andi. Looks like their sour ending on the show didn’t lead to foes for life, which tickles our heart place. Those two are just too pretty to stay mad at each other. And after all, Andi is moving on with a mansion full of men and Juan has Nikki Ferrell, so it makes sense to bury the hatchet and agree to move on. What happens in St. Lucia stays in St. Lucia, right? Especially when your girlfriend is besties with the rose-doling lady...

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Source: Juan Pablo on Twitter