Juan Pablo Regrets Being Unfair to the Other Ladies — But Not Shaming Clare!
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Juan Pablo Regrets Being Unfair to the Other Ladies — But Not Shaming Clare!

English might not be Juan Pablo Galavis’s first language, but it seems that his issues with the ladies on The Bachelor are rooted more in culture confusions than in his vocabulary shortcomings. In his People blog for Episode 5, Juan Pablo (or his ghostwriter) shows that time definitely makes some people wiser, but not all.

One of our biggest concerns right now,is that Clare Crawley keeps apologizing for behavior she engaged in as a consenting adult, with another consenting adult. And instead of JPG being all, “I was there, too, and I’m sorry I upset you when I implied that you were to blame for anything,” he pulled her aside and told her that they got carried away. And then, in his blog, he said he didn’t say no because she “looked happy.”

In his blog, Juan Pablo writes, “The next day I felt guilty because Clare got more time with me than the other women. I regretted giving Clare the extra time. Also, I didn't think it was a good example for my daughter to watch daddy going into the ocean with a girl at night. I already had a great day with her and even taking her to my pool was something that I should not have done. Honestly, my mistake.”

His real mistake, though, was in flip-flopping his standards overnight, and leaving her miffed about what she thought was a good time between people with great chemistry. Did he regret it because of Camila? Maybe, but he’s already said she isn’t watching the show, and he even tweeted about it again on February 5, writing, “Do you THINK I let my daugther [sic] WATCH the show?” OK, so why then the constant talk about your 4-year-old in matters of the adult nature? Enough.

Further, Juan Pablo also mentions that he talked to Chris Harrison in deliberations about why he was going to approach Clare. Chris, for his part, has already said that he told Juan Pablo that he was going to hurt Clare and make her feel “cheap” if he changed his rules again. The host told TV Guide, “It was not only confusing, but it was borderline rude. We even told him as much, but he didn't see it that way. Even though he apologized later I don't think he really understood how cheap he made her feel.”

Juan Pablo’s take on the matter was much different. He reflected on that whole conundrum, saying, “At the cocktail party, I really wanted to tell Clare how I felt about our crazy night. Chris Harrison asked me why I didn't wait couple of days to tell her my thoughts, and I told him I like to address things very quickly and to be straightforward. I wanted Clare to know me better and what exactly my thoughts were. I also told Clare that sometimes I make mistakes. I thought it was better to tell her with a rose in her hand than later when she did not have a rose.”

Uh. OK, pal. Glad you cleared something up for her. Oh wait, from the Season 18 Episode 6 promo in New Zealand, it looks like things are only going to be more confusing from here on out, and Chris Harrison confirmed it. He said in his personal show blog, “the issue between the two of them is far from over.”

Check out the promo and read the rest of Juan Pablo’s blog here, if you like, and then tell us where you stand on the matter. Want to know how long Clare sticks around? We have the answer, if you really wanna know...

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