Is Juan Pablo Really The Sexiest Bachelor Ever? You Said…
Credit: Juan Pablo Galavis on Instagram    


Is Juan Pablo Really The Sexiest Bachelor Ever? You Said…

In times of true confusion, difficulty, and hotness, we turn to fans to answer life’s toughest questions. The Bachelor 2014 is one of those times, and we hit up our Viggle LIVE! pals to ask about one of the show’s most pressing issues: Is Juan Pablo Galavis really the sexiest Bachelor ever?

You’ve seen the ads promoting the hunky single dad, watched him talk to girls while wearing a suit, and maybe ogled his pics in your free time. So, what did you all think? Yes, yes he is. Muy sexy, in fact. 73% of you thought so, in fact, agreeing that not only is he hot, he is also an awesome papa.

We’re not sure what the other 27% of you don’t think is hyperbolically hot about him, but we get it nonetheless. The show has introduced us to smoldering fence-sitter Brad Womack (twice), telegenic pilot Jake Pavelka, and faithful abalicious Sean Lowe. In short, there’s a lot of hotties in the franchise to whet your wolf whistle, and Juan Pablo might not be everyone’s numero uno.

Which side of this important issue did you fall on? Weigh in and follow Juan Pablo’s journey to love on the all-new season of The Bachelor on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

If you love drama, hotties, and watching a little ugly crying, chances are you’re going to tune in this season. But shouldn’t you be rewarded for flipping on the tube? We think so, and so does Viggle. It’s easy and fun to test your TV knowledge and share your thoughts on all the shows you love to watch. All you have to do is download the Viggle app, get watching, and check into Viggle LIVE!

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