Juan Pablo Tweets About Nikki Ferrell Being “The One” Amid Breakup Rumors
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Juan Pablo Tweets About Nikki Ferrell Being “The One” Amid Breakup Rumors

It seems like just this morning we were pondering the relationship of The Bachelor Season 18’s Juan Pablo Galavis and winner Nikki Ferrell. Wait, it was this morning. Well, despite breakup rumors surrounding his alleged flirtation in Atlantic City, the duo appear to either be doing really, really well or are in the midst of some major damage control.

Earlier this week, Nikki tweeted about a charity event she and JPG will be attending together in Florida this weekend. And today, El Bachelor posted a very sweet tweet about Nikki stealing his heart at first sight. “Did I KNOW from day 1 that @nikki_ferrell was the ONE?” he writes, adding a photo of himself biting his fist upon first meeting Nikki on The Bachelor. Check out the tweet below:

It’s debatable if his hand placement in the first photo is responsible for the fist bite or if JPG truly knows he’s just met the love of his life, but the effort is still cute. Cute, that is, if the cheating rumors are false.

Nikki’s been pretty silent about the allegations, instead continuing to post photos of Juan Pablo on her social media, including this pretty adorable Instagram post of a Facetime sesh between Nikki, JPG, and his daughter Camila.

It’s been over four months since the Season 18 finale aired and the pair appear to still be going strong — could this be the Bachelor Nation relationship that takes everyone by surprise? Or is ees it really not OK?

Tell us what you think of JPG’s tweet in the comments — cute or trying too hard to look like they’re in love?

Source: Juan Pablo on Twitter, Nikki on Twitter