Chris Harrison’s Blog: Juan Pablo Galavis’s “Zero Chemistry” With Sharleen Joynt
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Chris Harrison’s Blog: Juan Pablo Galavis’s “Zero Chemistry” With Sharleen Joynt

Are Juan Pablo Galavis and Sharleen Joynt strangely perfect for each other, or just plain strange and inexplicable as a couple? Chris Harrison discussed that very quandary in this week’s Bachelor Entertainment Weekly blog.

Let’s consider their history, since Juan Pablo has been drawn to Sharleen since the moment he laid eyes on her on day one of The Bachelor 2014. At the time, he gave the opera singer the first impression rose, and he’s taken great pains to break down her walls ever since — even breaking the cardinal rule of kissing one girl in front of the others when he smooched her in Episode 3.

But their 1-on-1 was puzzling to the Bachelor host, and their family vs. career conversation last night was especially odd. She admitted she doesn’t want kids after he made it clear he does ... so he gave her a rose anyway?

It’s all very strange, and Chris, for one, is not ready to ‘ship JuanSharlo. As he put it in his Episode 4 blog, “I find them to be the most puzzling and intriguing couple this season. Juan Pablo really likes her and at this point I think considers her to be his number one.” Yep, homeskills even admitted that Shar is his favorite. So weird.

The pro-host continues, explaining, “The reason I find them so intriguing is at times they appear to have zero chemistry and completely don’t get each other.” You mean like when they kiss and we have to look away? Or when she uses idioms and references to subtleties he clearly misses? Because yeah, we noticed that too.

“But then moments later they seem to absolutely understand each other and are making out,” Chris says. “She got another rose and will live to see another rose ceremony, but you just have to wonder how long a relationship can survive like this.”

Juan Pablo seems convinced that he and Sharleen have a lot in common. According to the ladies in the house, Shar had just recently complained that her conversations with Juan Pablo were boring. But during the date, she seemed to warm to him and shared a more optimistic view of their future. But how long will that last? Chris is right to ask and we can’t wait to see.

Do you see a future for Sharleen and Juan Pablo or are they just the oddest of odd couples? Do you think this could be one of those slow-burn relationships, if given enough time, or are you as puzzled by them as Chris?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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