X Factor Judge Demi Lovato is Having What Removed?
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X Factor Judge Demi Lovato is Having What Removed?

UPDATE: Judging from a video a makeup-free Demi shared earlier this afternoon, today's the day of her surgery! "This suuuucks!!" Dems said. It totally does but just think of all the balloons, flowers, and ice cream you'll get at the end! Good luck, Demi!

Our throats already ache thinking of Demi Lovato’s upcoming surgery: The X Factor judge is having her tonsils removed!

“I’m getting my tonsils out this summer,” Demi told British talk show host Alan Carr on his May 31 show. “I’ve been meaning to get them out for years and years, but my career has just been going, going, going. But the thing is, I keep getting sick. Like once a month I get really sick. They’re actually not doing me any good, so I’m getting them removed.”

“How big are they? Can you see them from Google Earth?” the TV host quipped.

“Yes, you can type it in and locate my tonsils right here on your set!” That sure sounds worthy of a spot on X Factor!

We’re glad the 20-year-old is finally getting the surgery done, but how she found the time, we’re not sure. Right now the singer and actress is in the midst of the audition process for X Factor. Demi’s first stop, with fellow judges Simon Cowell, Kelly Rowland, and Paulina Rubio, was Charleston, South Carolina in late May. Plus, she just released her fourth studio album, Demi, on May 14, meaning the album’s promotion will be based around her surgery. Talk about busy!

Rest up, Demi, and be sure to eat lots of ice cream. We need you ready to roll when The X Factor comes back this autumn!

Source: Enstars