When Tax Refunds Go Bad: Preview Judge Mathis’s Special “Tax Day” Episode
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When Tax Refunds Go Bad: Preview Judge Mathis’s Special “Tax Day” Episode

Is there anything better than a little courtroom-based TV when you’re feeling down? The ridiculous situations, even more ridiculous people, and those tough-talking judges are the best way to vicariously let out some steam. And just in time for tax season, one of our favs Judge Mathis is doing a special “Tax Day” episode!

Airing on April 15 — the deadline for filing, if you haven’t already! — this ep will focus on people who go to court over tax refund-based issues. Sure, getting those returns can be a real gift this time of year, but sometimes they only go make things worse.

For instance, on Tuesday, we will meet a woman who is suing her sister for failing to pay her back with her tax refund — girl, stop bogarting the cashola! — as well as a woman who claims her brother-in-law owes her rent which he promised would be paid once he received his return. And there’s many more where that came from — with a few ridiculous twists thrown in!

If we’re to take any lesson from this is that you should never count on your tax refund as a means of payment, whether its for rent, a loan, or otherwise. We know it’s hard not to treat it like your midyear bonus, but that’s not what it’s for!

Tune into Judge Mathis on Tuesday, April 15 for this special “Tax Day” episode. Check your local listings for times.

Can you believe that people go to court over tax returns? Tell us in the comments below.

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04.11.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Lear
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