What the Judges Expect From the Top 6: “They Have to Steal the Show”
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American Idol

What the Judges Expect From the Top 6: “They Have to Steal the Show”

This week’s theme for American Idol’s Top 6 performance show is just like its contestants: a little bit country and a little bit rock'n roll.

On Wednesday, we’ll get to see the remaining six hopefuls sing for their lives all over again — not once, but twice. Instead of their usual duets, it sounds like we’ll hear them perform songs from both genres.

And according to the judges, the Top 6 better be prepared to bring their A game.

“They have to steal the show,” Harry Connick, Jr. said in an interview after last week’s results show, according to American Idol Net. “Even if it’s tiny, if it’s a little ballad or if it’s a big ... house number, whatever it is, they have to come out and try to win. They have to start trying to win now.”

We’d venture to guess that the contestants have been trying to win all season long, but as the surviving contestants continue to get closer and closer to the end of the road, they need to keep their eyes on the prize. Stardom or heading back home? We know which one we’d pick.

“I think I’m seeing improvement in a lot of them and I think the frontrunners are really starting to move forward,” Keith added. “I think Caleb, Jena, and Sam really sang good last night. You know, there’s a couple of them really improving.”

We wouldn’t be surprised to see those three as the last few remaining at the end, especially if Sam keeps taking the judges’ critiques to heart.

What would you like to see from the Top 6 this week?

Source: Fox Audio Central via American Idol Net