American Idol 2014: What The Judges Think It’ll Take to Win Season 13
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American Idol 2014: What The Judges Think It’ll Take to Win Season 13

If Season 13’s American Idol judges have made one thing clear, it’s that taking home the coveted title isn’t easy. And now that we’re down to only seven contestants, the remaining Idol hopefuls will have to prove themselves now more than ever — and taking advice from J.Lo, Harry, and Keith is the way to do it.

So what are they looking for? Consistently awesome performances from here on out.

“They want to hear perfect,” Jennifer said of the voters in a recent interview with Fox Audio Central (via “It seems that’s what I’m seeing. Doesn’t even matter so much the performance quality, so long as the voice is perfect, which I don’t quite understand, but you know, I go more with feeling, but that’s me.”

“It’s consistency at this point, but consistency of greatness,” former judge and current mentor Randy Jackson chimed in. “Every time you’re on that stage, giving a winning performance.”

And as far as Keith’s concerned, he really wants to see those contestants connecting with their song choices and their audience, just as we’ve heard the judges say time and time again this season. A repeat offender is the adorable Sam Woolf, who still seems a little apprehensive about the undying affection of his new fans.

“You can do a great performance, but if it doesn’t connect through the screen, people don’t get moved to vote for you,” Keith said.

So true. All we know of these contestants is what we see when they’re performing, and why bother to vote if we don’t feel like they’re truly dedicated to winning? And while we’ve already weighed in on who we think might take the competition as have J.Lo and Keith, Harry’s still undecided.

“It’s impossible to say, because you have a guy like Alex who is a certain style and a guy like Caleb and Jena and they all have very different things that they’re bringing, so it’s anybody’s guess right now,” Harry said.

Do you have a winner in mind, or is it still too early to tell? Hit the comments and let us know what you think.

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