Judy Blume Urges Parents to “Enjoy Their Baby” While They Can (VIDEO)
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Judy Blume Urges Parents to “Enjoy Their Baby” While They Can (VIDEO)

Judy Blume’s books for children and young adults have helped shaped the lives of millions of children growing up all across the world. Huffington Post recently sat down with Judy and her son Lawrence Blume, who directed the movie adaptation of his mother’s book, Tiger Eyes, to discuss her best advice for parents-to-be.

"My only advice is to enjoy your baby,” Judy tells host Mike Sacks, who says he’s expecting his first child in the coming months, “all the time he's growing up. And talk to him.” She then continues on to discuss her fears about today’s generation of children who are scolded for sitting and doing nothing.

“Do they have the time to just sit and dream and think or is somebody always saying to them, 'What are you doing? You can't just sit there,'” Judy says. “I just want kids to be able to make up stories and have their fantasies and have the time to think.”

When the author was growing up, she says on her website that she used to sit alone and create stories in her head, and now that she has grown, she spends much of her time in the same way, only now she writes her stories down. It’s no surprise that she feels young people should be allowed to do the same, not scolded when they are alone and not partaking in sleepovers, after-school sports, or playing with their siblings.

We remember reading Judy’s mesmerizing works when we were growing up, because although they were written decades before, their message still rings true. Judy is a huge supporter of children understanding who they are as a person, being comfortable in their own skin, and embracing what makes them unique. If anyone is qualified to give expectant parents advice on how to raise their children, it’s Judy Blume!

Source: Huffington Post, Judy Blume

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