Julia Roberts on Tackling Meryl Streep: She Didn’t Go Down Without a Fight!
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Julia Roberts on Tackling Meryl Streep: She Didn’t Go Down Without a Fight!

In her new movie, August: Osage County, Julia Roberts had a very intimidating task: she had to literally jump on Meryl Streep and take her to the ground. What’s the proper way to tackle a Hollywood legend? Julia didn’t know, but according to her recent chat with E! News at the movie’s premiere, the actresses decided against using stunt doubles and decided to take on the tackle themselves.

“I didn’t look forward to it,” Julia admitted of her big lunge in the midst of a dinner fight scene. “It’s not how I saw the dream of my time with Meryl Streep. But she was a worthy opponent. She was not going down without some scratches some heels in thighs.”

Of course she didn’t! Meryl Streep didn’t become Meryl Streep because she was afraid of getting a little roughed up in the name of an awesome scene.

“We had a stunt coordinator. We had stunt people. But Meryl and Julia didn’t want to use the stunt people, so they did it themselves,” director John Wells added. “We did it a couple of times and it worked beautifully. And nobody got hurt, which was my real worry.”

Even Meryl, the true victim of the scene, was impressed by Julia’s linebacker skills. “Julia didn’t need a stunt double because she’s plenty tough.”

And Julia’s physical assault doesn’t end there. In another scene, she had to slap Abigail Breslin, who plays her teenage daughter, in the face.

“She felt so bad every time because she’s so sweet!” Abigail said. “She was nervous.”

Sweet or not, we think we might stay out of Julia’s way.

Source: E! News

12.18.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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