Julianne Hough on Mark Ballas’s Dancing With the Stars Feud: It Wasn’t a “Diss” or an “Attack”
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Julianne Hough on Mark Ballas’s Dancing With the Stars Feud: It Wasn’t a “Diss” or an “Attack”

Now Julianne Hough really knows what it’s like to be a Dancing With the Stars judge! You say one thing and it gets dissected and twisted and debated through the next week.

A lot of DWTS viewers seem to be on her side when it comes to her critique of Christina Milian and Mark Ballas’s Week 4 Foxtrot, and now she’s speaking out with her take on Mark’s take of her criticism. Phew!

As guest judge, Julianne said she wanted to see a softer side of Christina, adding that she knows from personal experience dancing with Mark that sometimes you have to stand in front of him to be seen. She’d like to see Christina shine.

Afterward, Mark and Christina both responded to the comments, not really angrily but just feeling the sting of being the only ones called out, especially Mark personally for his choreography. He thought Julianne’s comment was hypocritical since she was arguing he made the dance about himself and then she went and made the commentary about him instead of his celeb partner. Mark and Christina defended their choices in videos with Entertainment Weekly and On the Red Carpet, but other than that, they “took the high road,” as Christina put it. While an unnamed source said Mark was “pissed,” he hasn't come forth and said that himself.

Us Weekly caught up with Julianne herself at a press event for her movie Paradise, and she said she and Mark were out at dinner that same night, so it’s not like there’s this big feud brewing. She also said she judges the same way that she teaches, so it all comes from love. “It's not to diss anybody. It's not to hurt anybody's feelings. It's about constructive criticism so that they can get better for next week and that was not a direct attack to anybody." She added, "I don't know why people are making such a big deal about it.”

Well, it was a bit of a surprise to see her bring up her dance history with Mark — even just as a little jokingly — and then call out her old childhood friend and dance partner’s choreography. It just wasn’t expected and it felt a little personal, so we were curious how they both felt about it.

Christina did joke to On the Red Carpet (see video below) that she's looking forward to Len Goodman’s return, so at least there’s some good news for Grumpy Old Len. Somebody missed you!

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