Julianne Hough’s Blackface Halloween Costume From Orange Is the New Black (UPDATE: She Apologizes)
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Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough’s Blackface Halloween Costume From Orange Is the New Black (UPDATE: She Apologizes)

UPDATE: Julianne Hough has apologized after her Halloween costume offended people.

The actress and dancer stirred up controversy last night for wearing blackface as Crazy Eyes from Orange Is the New Black, and she apologized on Twitter on October 26.

"I am a huge fan of the show Orange is the New Black, actress Uzo Aduba, and the character she has created," Julianne writes. "It certainly was never my intention to be disrespectful or demeaning to anyone in any way."

"I realize my costume hurt and offended people, and I truly apologize," she adds.

Original story: Julianne Hough isn't normally the source of much controversy — except maybe to Christina Milian and Mark Ballas after her guest judging stint on Dancing With the Stars Season 17.

The two-time DWTS pro winner and now movie star went to a Friday night Halloween party in Hollywood dressed as the character Crazy Eyes from the Netflix show Orange Is the New Black.

Check out TMZ’s photo and People’s pic.

To dress as the character, Julianne put her hair up in knots and wore prison orange, but also went blackface, which is always controversial. She must've known it would get people talking, and it did. But should it offend anyone?

TMZ’s photo shows Julianne with fellow Orange portrayers; as the site wrote of Julianne's costume, "We're pretty sure Paula Deen would have been skewered if she did it."

Julianne Hough’s Blackface Halloween Costume From Orange Is the New Black (UPDATE: She Apologizes)
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Some people did skewer Julianne for her choice, while others defended her. Here’s a selection of comments from People's story:

• "So, I met two African American guys yesterday who were buying blonde wigs to dress as Two White Girls (Wayan brothers' movie). Should I have been offended? I thought it was great and we all laughed together. I don't necessarily agree with what Julianne Hough chose, but I think we would all do well to relax just a little bit."

• "I don't think her intentions were bad but she made an ignorant choice."

• "She is being a true blonde. Dumb b*****."

• "I don't really see anything wrong with it. I'm African-American and I thought she was just dressing up as a character from a show. I think maybe she's a little clueless, but not trying to be insensitive or anything. As long as she doesn't start calling African-Americans the n word, she's fine with me."

• "How on earth did she leave her house thinking this was a good idea?"

• "I'm an african american guy and I dressed up as Brandon Lee from The Crow one year...get over it!"

• "She is at best very, very stupid. I have been a fan of hers from DWTS, but I can't support this kind of ignorance. Can someone tell me how it is that not ONE person in the group she was with knew this might be offensive?"

• "As soon as I read 'blackface' I thought, oh boy, people are going to be pissed (because she's white playing black) at her. I have NO problem with it because it IS a costume for gosh sakes. I see absolutely NO racism in her doing this. Any person who dressesup for Halloween is imitating someone or something! Anyone making a stink over this is nuts! Has no black person ever worn a costume imitating a white? How many black, hispanic, asian kids dress as a Disney princess, or a Disney movie character like Buzz Lightyear, or Iron Man or the Wolverine. Seriously, if YOU are raising a stink, check your own damn racially motivated crap and quit making nothing into something that in no way is meant to be racially catagorized!"

How do you feel about Julianne’s costume? Insensitive or no big deal?

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