The Hunger Games

Julianne Moore Nearly Unrecognizable in Mockingjay Photos (VIDEO)

Once we stopped quietly screeching with excitement upon seeing the latest photos from the set of Mockingjay, we noticed something: Julianne Moore doesn’t look like Julianne Moore. The redheaded beauty undergoes a major transformation for her role in the movie and we tip our hats to the makeup and hair team over on The Hunger Games.

Take a gander at the 53-year-actress in the video above. She’s playing Alma Coin in the latest installment of the popular book-turned-movie franchise; that’s the not-to-be-messed with president of the supposedly destroyed District 13 who becomes the leader of the rebellion against the Capitol of which Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) finds herself the figurehead.

We’ve yet to meet Alma on the big screen but fans of the book series will remember the interesting, complicated relationship between Alma and Katniss. Some have said Alma’s actually the biggest villain in the Hunger Games trilogy, even more twisted than the rose-scented President Snow (Donald Sutherland). We’ll let you debate the finer points of that discussion in the comments below.

Keeping a whole society secret and then leading a nationwide rebellion doesn’t sound easy so it’s no surprise Alma’s grey and strained in the photos from Mockingjay. Look for yourself in the video above!