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Julie Chen Tours Big Brother 16’s New House — Urban Treehouse! (VIDEO)

There are three things a Big Brother fan needs to know each season: 1) What’s the big twist?, 2) Who’s in the cast?, and 3) What’s the theme of the house? Now, thanks to Entertainment Tonight, we can see inside the newly-designed house a week before the season even starts! Check it out!

“Urban treehouse is the theme this year,” BB host Julie Chen told ET’s Brooke Anderson. As the camera goes through a few rooms, we see plenty of trees on the wall, wood tones, and a fresh new color scheme that definitely makes us feel like we’re in a modern birdsnest. This design is definitely one of the best ever — and check out more photos over at The Hollywood Reporter.

You’d think that after 16 seasons of hosting the show, Julie Chen might be getting a little tired of doing the same thing each year — but you’d be sorely mistaken.

“Every year it’s a new group of people where you get to see a new social experiment, new drama, new friendships, romances, betrayal,” the Chenbot continued. “I always learn something about human nature and human behavior and sometimes about myself when I watch the show. You say, ‘Would I have done the same thing?’ when someone has to stab a friend in the back to make their family’s life better. What fascinates me the most is everyone’s ego — and that goes in life. Outside these walls, ego will always hurt you if you let that rule your life and the decisions you make.”

There you have it, words of wisdom straight from Julie herself and your first look at the new Big Brother house.

The two-night premiere of Big Brother 16 begins on June 25 and continues on June 26 on CBS.

06.19.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Carson Blackwelder
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