Vampire Diaries’ Julie Plec: Elena’s Feelings For Damon Are Legitimate
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries’ Julie Plec: Elena’s Feelings For Damon Are Legitimate

Just in case that prolonged makeout session in The Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale wasn’t enough to convince you, executive producer Julie Plec would like you to know Elena (Nina Dobrev) has true feelings for Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

After discovering she was sired to Damon, the new vampire and the elder Salvatore were both confused about how she felt about him. In a recent interview with TVLine, Julie Plec explained the bond served as a way for Elena to get over Stefan (Paul Wesley) STAT, but it never meant her feelings for Damon weren’t real. "When we started talking about how to get Elena and Damon, truth be told, in bed together without having to wait a respectful 25 episodes of mourning the relationship between her and Stefan, we started to talk about different ways to escalate and over-heighten her emotions,” said Julie. “Lo and behold, the sire bond was born… For us as writers, it's just a complication. Elena's feelings are legitimate. They've been legitimately brewing for years. We have watched her bond with Damon escalate over four years."

In fact, there’s been something between Elena and Damon since they met on the bridge before her parents’ deaths. “Even before anything happened in our series, Elena had been touched in her soul by this man," Julie says of their clandestine meeting.

Elena and Damon will finally be together in Season 5 — but we predict we’ll see more of those obstacles the TVD writers love to throw at all the show’s couples.

Source: TVLine