Julie Plec Eloquently Responds to Fan Campaign to Bring Kol Mikaelson Back
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The Vampire Diaries

Julie Plec Eloquently Responds to Fan Campaign to Bring Kol Mikaelson Back

We Vampire Diaries fans are a passionate bunch. And sometime that passion can manifest itself in unpleasant ways in the direction of the people responsible for creating — and also loving — the show we love. TVD executive producer Julie Plec took to social media to respond to one such incident of unpleasantness directed at her as part of the Bring Kol Mikaelson Back campaign.

Julie recently received the following tweet: "@julieplec It's not good going against the fans wish for Kol to live. It could give you a bad reputation as a writer.” Now, this is probably not the only tweet of its kind, but it’s the one Julie chose to respond to as representative of this negative side of television fandom.

Julie Plec Eloquently Responds to Fan Campaign to Bring Kol Mikaelson Back
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“Let me elaborate,” Julie began in her response, written in its entirety on TwitLonger. “Storytelling is not a democracy and it never will be. I love and admire the passion of the Kol fan base, but no petition, or trending topic, or ongoing twitter assault on my mentions is going to make us do something we don't believe is right or necessary for the show right now. Some of you have gotten a bit meanly personal. Others have shown nothing but grace. And your enthusiasm means the world to all of us. But if you want a choose-your-own adventure, go to the library. Otherwise, find it in your hearts to trust that we love the story we're telling and are going to keep giving 1000% of our creative souls to it — even when it makes a few people unhappy. Maybe one day you'll see Kol again when the story is right. Maybe not. I hope you'll keep watching anyway.”

It makes us sad that Julie receives these types of tweets enough that she feels the need to respond to them. We understand the frustration that can come with being a fan, but we trust the television writers to continue crafting a show that we enjoy — especially given that they’ve been doing it for almost five seasons. The best narratives don’t give you what you want when you want it. That would be boring. There would be no drama. And we respect Julie Plec and her team enough as storytellers to trust them to know when and how to give the fans what they want, and when to make us wait in gloriously miserable angst. We stand with you, Julie!

What do you think of Julie’s response to fan frustrations? Sound off in the comments below!

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