Julie Plec Making Directorial Debut in Vampire Diaries Season 6
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The Vampire Diaries

Julie Plec Making Directorial Debut in Vampire Diaries Season 6

As involved with The Vampire Diaries as Julie Plec is, it’s hard to believe that the showrunner hasn’t sat in the director’s chair yet. All that’s about to change, however, because the 42-year-old will make her directorial debut during Season 6 of the hit CW show! Read on to find out which episode she’s supposed to head up.

“I was convinced I would be dreadful at it,” Julie tells Entertainment Weekly about why it took so long for her to get behind the camera. “I directed a school musical in college and it was being so terrible at directing that made me realize I was such a good producer and that put me on my first career path. Then I had to remind myself that I also thought I would absolutely positively never be a writer because I thought I was a terrible writer for years. I just was convinced, ‘Oh, I’m a good producer, I’m a s—ty writer.’ And then I actually started writing and thought, ‘Oh, actually — I’m pretty good at this, at least intermittently good at this.’”

Oh, Julie. You’re so humble! After leading The Vampire Diaries for five years and now pulling double-duty with The Originals, the TV genius is taking a stab at directing, saying her years as a producer have aptly prepared her for the new venture.

“The beauty of television, much more than feature films, is when you are the showrunner, you make all those decisions anyway,” Julie continued, rattling off a long list of things the showrunner discusses with the director. “You can be that specific when you’re collaborating with the director. So we all collectively, the producers and some of the actors and I, talked about it a lot and everybody seemed really excited to see what I could do behind the camera. So I’m gonna dive in and see how it goes.”

We’ll ignore the fact that Paul Wesley has already beaten his boss to the director’s chair (and plans to do it again this season). When might you expect to see Julie’s directorial debut? Well she’s currently planning on directing Episode 15 this season. We can’t wait!

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