Julie Plec Talks The Originals, Klaus, and Caroline at 2013 Comic-Con
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The Vampire Diaries

Julie Plec Talks The Originals, Klaus, and Caroline at 2013 Comic-Con

At the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, we couldn’t wait to hear more about the new CW show The Originals. When executive producer Julie Plec spoke with reporters, she explained why Klaus’s (Joseph Morgan) spin-off is darker than The Vampire Diaries — and how the hybrid will royally screw up.

So what can we expect from this spin off? We’re very excited!

Julie Plec: Well you know I truly believe that the beauty of this show is that we are able to take the tone and the foundation that we began the Vampire Diaries with and graduate it up to the next level from adolescence to adulthood. It’s darker, it’s more gothic, it’s more operatic, there will be more flashbacks. I love the storytelling about the history of these people, who have obviously been alive for so long. A lot more sort of visceral in its violence but really also tremendously and deeply emotional because at the end of it, it is, I keep calling it a family drama and I mean it. It’s a show about the power of family and the lengths you go to protect it and how deep the wounds are when you betray it.

How will Klaus handle the baby and becoming a father?

The goal with Klaus, you know the Vampire Diaries had three years to fall madly in love with him and love him and hate him at the same time. New viewers coming into this might just hate his guts for a little while. What’s fun about that for us is that he gets to misbehave in all those wicked, wicked ways that we love to see because he is not the hero of the show in the true definition of the word. He is because it is his redemption that we are seeking but he still does some stupid stuff when he gets mad. He still acts out to where you’re like, dude, pull it together!!

What are you hoping to inspire in terms of fan reactions from the show?

Truly what I’m hoping is that the fans dive into the world of not just being excited about the Original family itself but how each individual genre on the show is rooted in its own kind of supernatural mystery. We have the witch community and ultimately down the road the werewolf community that we see via Hayley’s quest to find answers about her family and then we’ll have a human contingency that in the beginning will be represented by Cami by Leah Pipes’s character. But it is really a battle for territory and all of that goes back around to this is our home and we have to fight for it and we don’t want you here. So I think they get as invested in the ensemble as they ultimately did on the Vampire Diaries.

I love Marcel [Charles Michael Davis]; how did you go about making a worthy adversary to Klaus?

Oh Marcel, Marcel! Well that was the challenge because even just that accent, you know. I mean he’s evil and delicious and he can be funny and he can be cruel and Joseph is so good at it, so we were like who the hell is going to be able to one, just hold his own as an actor but two, be a very different villain. And so we went with the idea of Marcel being this great like you know we always kind of thought of him as a Lenny Kravitz type, you know life of the party come on in, hey man we’re all friends here. Almost an opposition to Klaus. Klaus will lure you in with a sly little grin whereas Marcel will welcome you in with a big warm smile and then, boom stab you in the back. Charles is the dream embodiment of what we thought the character would be.

What about Caroline (Candice Accola) and Klaus???

Caroline and Klaus! I mean honestly you know, put it this way, when we continued to play their story in Season 4 and draw them closer because that’s what the Vampire Diaries earned. We believed that was the path for those two characters. But knowing a spin-off was going to happen we didn’t want to make a bunch of false promises we couldn’t deliver on, but we also didn’t want to say none of what you just saw mattered. We didn’t want to brush it aside, so our challenge would be how can we keep her in that world as a notion and an idea and then hopefully that eventually as a person in Caroline form. That comes down to scheduling, logistics, etc. so I am keeping my fingers crossed.