Just How Lovey-Dovey Will Booth and Brennan Be in Season 7?
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Just How Lovey-Dovey Will Booth and Brennan Be in Season 7?

We’re pleased to see that Bones has been promoted from a “side dish” to the main section at Entertainment Weekly’s “Inside TV”! It grants a little more room for executive producer Hart Hanson to throw us some premium red meat.

Hanson’s brimming with confidence about how his team has handled the upcoming season, which focuses on the aftermath of a post-Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) hookup. “I really feel like we got to jump the part where the Moonlighting curse could get its teeth in,” he declares, referring to the time jump in the season premiere. “They got together and we get to start again from a different place.”

However, Hanson must have a general idea of how desperately the fans crave googly-eye-filled scenes with B&B. “I want everyone to tune in to see that,” he says, without exactly being forthcoming as to how we’ll see it. Flashbacks, perhaps? “I don’t want to blow anything, but people will be as interested and excited as [we are] in where all these characters are,” he teases.

Lucky for Hart (and us), David’s already doing his part in building said excitement.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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