“Just Pee on My Shirt, That’s All” and More WTF Quotes From Teen Mom Season 4, Episode 4!
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Teen Mom

“Just Pee on My Shirt, That’s All” and More WTF Quotes From Teen Mom Season 4, Episode 4!

This week’s episode of Teen Mom was a roller coaster of emotions and handlebar mustaches!

Butch delivered his usual amount of LOL bombs (love you, pops), Gary failed to understand a simple question, and Farrah tried her hand at a sexy double entendre. Check out the seven best quotes of the week!

7. Farrah chats about her new crush: "I met this really cool neighbor of mine, and he has a dog, so I think I kind of like him."

Way to keep those standards high, girl!

6. Ryan watches Maci amble down the beach: "How long does it take to walk?"

Correction: How long does it take to catwalk?

5. Amber calls out Gary during therapy: "You don’t wear your heart on your f***ing sleeve, dude. You wear your heart where your dick is."

Charming as usual.

4. Butch explains his absence: "Bebopping around for a couple days."

Code for breaking and entering.

3. JJ asks Gary a question: "Can you work with that, Gary?"
Gary: "Word up."

Ummm ... this is not an answer.

2. Maci checks out Bentley's pee stain: "Just pee on my shirt, that's all."

BFD, right gang?

1. Adam gets his flirt on: "So, you're saying you want to hit balls, that's what what you're saying?"
Farrah: "I do wanna hit some balls."

She obviously means that it more ways than one.

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