Justin Bieber Fans Believe Nasty, Fake Rumors, Continue Beliebing (VIDEO)
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Justin Bieber Fans Believe Nasty, Fake Rumors, Continue Beliebing (VIDEO)

When Jimmy Kimmel is on point, he's really on-point. The talk show host had a crew go out to a Justin Bieber concert and ask some Beliebers what they thought of some recent headlines about the Biebz... that were all completely made up.

The made up facts about JB were reprehensible allegations he has tires made of baby seals, he punched his grandma and sent her to the hospital — but the beliebers, even when they appear to think the rumors are all true, stand by their collective man.

"We sent a camera crew down to the Staples Center to ask Beliebers their opinions of some things we made up about him — we wanted to see how blindly his fans will follow him," Jimmy said in his introduction, "It turns out, the answer is very, very blindly."

Here are some of the best answers. You can watch the video below to see for yourself!

When told Justin's Bentley has tires made out of baby seals: "Yeah I think that it's his choices that they don't need to criticize on. 'Cause everyone else makes mistakes like that too, and they don't criticize them, it's just him."

When told that Justin peed on an American flag: "I don't think he meant it. Just being a teenager!"

When told that Justin punched his grandma so hard she had to go to the hospital, but she was "clearly cheating" at cribbage: "Well, he's a boy, and boys mess around a lot. I don't think he meant to hurt her."

See more answers in the video below!

What would you let Justin Bieber get away with? Sound off in the comments!

06.27.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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