Who's Older?

Who’s Older: Justin Bieber or Joe Jonas?

When Joe Jonas fessed up to what his private life is really like in an interview with Vulture, he confirmed what we always suspected: he's not as wholesome as his shiny Disney exterior would lead us to believe. But he's not the first squeaky clean teen idol to take a walk on the wild side in recent memory. Enter Justin Bieber.

Of course, Joe and Justin are very different men. Justin never confirmed or denied his pot usage despite photos of him allegedly smoking a blunt, for example, while Joe came clean about smoking with Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. Justin spent time in Brazil spray painting all the walls he can get his grubby little hands on, while Joe went to Rio and palled around with his lady-friend.

But they have a big thing in common: while they both used to be the most wholesome of teen stars, they're both now… well, adult human beings with full identities that include both strengths and flaws.

So which one of these dudes is older? "Baby" singer Justin Bieber, or Joe Jonas, who is totally "Burnin' Up" right now? Click through to find out!