My, How They\'ve Grown! Justin\'s, Selena\'s, Demi\'s, and 1D\'s Album Covers Then and Now


My, How They’ve Grown! Justin’s, Selena’s, Demi’s, and 1D’s Album Covers Then and Now


If you’re a teeny-bopper — or an adult-bopper who pretends you’re still a teen — Fall 2015 is a pretty exciting time. Over the next few weeks, the pop music gods are shining down on you and releasing new albums from Selena Gomez (October 9), Demi Lovato (October 16), Justin Bieber (November 13) and One Direction (also November 13…yikes). We know, your iTunes wallet is already hurting.


So to celebrate what might be the most momentous time in recent pop music history (with Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video being a close second, obvs), we’re looking back at these stars’ first-ever album covers and comparing them to their new releases.


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Once you see how much more skin their new covers have, it’ll be quite obvious these young men and ladies have grown-up quite a bit…

Selena Gomez


When Sel released her first record in 2009, she was still attached to the Disney Channel and working with a band called “The Scene,” which explains the squeaky-queen cover art. Fast forward to her 2015 release, Revival, and she’s full-blown naked. It was bound to happen at some point, guys.


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Justin Bieber


Like his famous ex, JB was pretty much an infant when his debut album came out, though unlike the Wizards of Waverly Place star, Justin released his record in two parts. In 2009, a then 15-year-old Justin first debuted the My World EP before following it up with My World 2.0, which features hits like “Baby” and “U Smile.” Now? He’s shirtless, tatted up, and apparently really contemplative on the cover of Purpose, his comeback record. RIP, Baby Biebs.


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Demi Lovato


On a personal level, Demi has arguably changed the most when compared to her pop music pals, no thanks to her highly-publicized struggle with and recovery from drugs and eating disorders. And that clearly shows on her album art, too. Her 2008 debut record was produced by the Jonas Brothers back when they were all Camp Rock besties, which explains the PG-rated photo. On Confident, Demi looks like an almost entirely different person, but we mean that in a good way. She's killin' it!


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One Direction


Let's just address the pink elephant in the room right now — yes, 1D's upcoming album, Made in the A.M, is Zayn Malik-less. Sob. But aside from that, the difference between these two photos isn't that crazy, other than the fact that the guys obviously look more grown-up (and more hot) now. Also, we find it interesting that their first album has "night" in the title and their new one is centered around the morning. What could that mean?!


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Be sure to pick up these four new albums when they come out this month and next, and check out more music news at Wetpaint!