Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Takes Selena Gomez On Date, Slaps Woman, Attempts Robbery — Report (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber has been pretty quiet lately, but according to a new report, his reign of terror isn't about to slow down — and this time, he has Selena Gomez in tow. According to reports from TMZ and Gossip Cop, Justin, who was with sometimes-girlfriend Selena at the time, is under investigation for attempted robbery, attempted battery, and attempted theft after an incident at popular chain restaurant/sports bar/arcade destination Dave & Buster's. (Taking your intermittent paramour on a date to Dave & Buster's is, apparently, not actually a crime.)

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Justin allegedly lunged at a dude trying to take photos of the pair with his cell phone, leading to charges of attempted theft and robbery over the photos and the phone, respectively, plus an attempted battery charge.

But that's not all — when Gossip Cop looked into the allegations, a supposed bystander told them that a female fan was trying to record him too. That Dave & Busters patron tells the site that the Biebs backhanded her to get her to stop, even though she had a child next to her. Yikes!

A source close to Justin tells Gossip Cop that none of this is true, and that police haven't mentioned anything about the woman in the second claim — so take that report with an extra grain of salt.

See what cops had to say in the video above, and make sure to let us know your take in the comments!