Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez to Sit Next to Each Other at Billboards?
Credit: Justin Bieber on Instagram    


Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez to Sit Next to Each Other at Billboards?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will both be at the Billboard Awards in Las Vegas this weekend but will they sit next to each other? We now appear to have the answer.

Justin and Selena will reportedly sit right next to each other at the awards show on this Sunday, according to Us Weekly.

What's more, they will apparently be sitting together in the front row, suggesting that they are trying to tell the world that they are indeed back together. Hooray!

So how did this seating decision get made?

"Their camps must have requested this seating arrangement," the source says. "No way would it have happened without their go-ahead."

Interestingly, Selena will have another familiar face seated on the other side of her, as her bestie Taylor Swift will also sit next to her at the show.

Taylor reportedly had some not-so-friendly things to say to Selena about Justin earlier this year, so we wonder if she'll be silently resenting the fact that Jelena is back together. Awkward.

Justin was seen rehearsing for the awards show on May 17.

"There was no sign of Selena, but he was in great spirits," an onlooker says of Justin's performance.

We can't wait to look for Justin and Selena in the crowd on Sunday. All Justin Bieber needs is a beauty and a beat seat.

Source: Us Weekly