Credit: Instagram

Justin Bieber is certainly enjoying himself while touring in Korea. 

Justin is proving to be quite the heartbreaker indeed as he was photographed kissing Korean pop star and actress Sandara Park on the cheek in Seoul on October 10.

Sandara, better known as just Dara, is 28 and is a member of the K-pop girl group 2NE1, along with having appeared in several films and TV shows in the Philippines and South Korea. 

Credit: Weibo

The photo was taken at a party by Korean-American jeweler Ben Baller, who posted it to his Weibo site. "Last night in the VIP room with Justin & Dara," Ben captions the shot. 

Justin was in Seoul for his Believe tour, which had nine stops in Asia. The tour has been going on for more than a year and finally wraps up in December. 

So does Justin have the hots for Dara? This photo makes it seem that way, although we had heard recently that he wants to hook up with Selena Gomez again, and that the two have been talking.  

Perhaps the photo isn't all that scandalous after all. Ben took to Twitter to explain the shot, saying, "Most of Justin's fans know I've known him a LONG time. Dara is very quiet and reserved. It's an innocent picture." 

In other words, Jelena fans don't need to give up all hope quite yet.

Source: Weibo