Have you ever tried on different colored contact lenses? It's funny how different people can look when they just change their eye color. Justin Bieber normally has golden-brown eyes, but on October 18 he shared a photo on Instagram with blue peepers.

As he noted himself, ""I look strange with blue eyes."

Credit: Instagram Photo: Justin Bieber shows off his new blue eyes

Yeah, but most of the strangeness comes mostly from that odd expression to the camera. This would never fly with Tyra Banks on America's Next Top Model.

Weird face aside, with blue eyes he kinda looks like that old teen heartthrob, Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block. Yes? No? Sort of?

Justin's fans, of course, love the change (however temporary) since he can do no wrong. As one fan wrote, "You look AMAZING with blue eyes! But honestly it don't matter what color your eyes are your still the most handsome guy in my eyes (: I love you Justin <3"

What do you think? Better with brown eyes? Keep the blue? Go for green next?

Source: Instagram