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Perhaps all Justin Bieber really needs is a beauty and a beat brothel?

In a news story that we are really hoping isn't true, multiple sources are reporting that the Biebs spent three hours in a brothel in Brazil on November 1.

Page Six broke the story, reporting that Justin and a friend spent more than three hours inside Centaurus, which is a popular brothel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

While he was there, photographers were tipped off about his presence and so Justin was photographed leaving the brothel.

Justin's security team covered him with a tan bed sheet as he left, so you can't see his face in the pics. However, you can see a gray tattoo on his inner left wrist, which gives away his identity.

Justin hopped into the back seat of a car, while several women from the brothel were driven in a separate vehicle to Justin's hotel.

To see the shocking photos of Justin leaving the brothel with several of the women, click here!

Reportedly, Justin was later kicked out of the hotel for breaking rules. Wait, so hotels don't like it when you show up with a bunch of prostitutes? Who knew!

If this story is true, it would be the latest in a string of bizarre and scandalous behavior by the Biebs on the South American leg of his tour. 

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