Credit: Instagram Photo: Justin Bieber Shared This Spray Painting Photo on November 7, 2013.

Justin Bieber recently picked up a "new hobby" — spray painting.

He's been sharing photos on his Instagram, while touring South America for his Believe tour. The photo shown at left was posted on November 7, with the note, "This is my escape."

Who cares if it's legal, right? Well, Brazil cares. On November 8, Justin, 19, was charged with vandalism after a well-documented bout of graffiti from three days beforehand in Rio de Janeiro.

According to Us Weekly, defacing buildings in Brazil is a crime that could lead to a fine and up to one year in jail, but Justin will get off with just a fine. And since he's super-rich, he probably doesn't care about the fine.

In Bogota, Colombia last week, he also got in trouble for painting a wall lining one of the city's biggest streets. 

At this point he's in Argentina, stirring up who knows what trouble.

Typical teenage boy or out-of-control pop star? Honestly, we're still just mad at him for dumping his pet monkey.

Source: Us Weekly