Credit: Instagram

All Justin Bieber needs is a beauty and a beat an eagle?

Justin just can't stop getting tattoos, as his body is getting more and more covered by them. And you can now add one more tat to the list, as he got a huge eagle tattoo on his arm on November 30. 

Credit: Instagram

The Biebs posted an Instagram photo of himself getting the body art. In the shot, he is shirtless and appears to be experiencing a bit of pain, as he has his head in his hand. Ouch.

But four hours later, he appeared quite proud of his new ink as he posted a photo to show off the finished product. "Fresh new tat," Justin captions a photo of his eagle tat. 

And in case you couldn't tell what his tat was, he made it easy for us all by his caption of an additional photo of it: "Eagle." That settles that. 

This new tat comes about two months after his last one. In September, he got the following Bible verse on his back: "Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. Psalm 119:105."

Long story short, Bieber is tattoo-crazy. And speaking of eagles: We can fly higher than an eagle / Because Justin is the wind beneath our wings. 

What do you think of his new tat? And should he slow down with all the ink?

Source: Instagram