UPDATE: Later the same day (Dec. 14), Us Weekly talked to a source who said Justin's guest was doing fine. "There's no issue. A call was made out of an abundance of caution, but the woman was given some food and liquids, and she's fine and went home." Now she has a story to tell her friends.

Original story:

This is some news involving Justin Bieber that is definitely not swaggy. A 20-year-old female reportedly passed out at a party in at the Bieb's house in the early hours of December 14, with ambulances being called to the house to assist her, according to TMZ.

Word has it that ambulances were called to Justin's mansion in Calabasas at about 3 a.m. because a woman was unconscious. According to authorities, the ambulances were then called off 15 minutes later, and the fire department was apparently informed that the woman would be privately transported to a hospital.

However, an inside source claims that, when the woman regained consciousness, she insisted that the ambulances be called off. She reportedly did not go to a hospital but instead went home. Hmmm.

It is unknown exactly why the 20-year-old woman passed out, although sources tell TMZ that alcohol was involved. Also, sources say that Justin himself had thrown the party and that the pop star was indeed home when 911 was called.

We wish the woman all the best as she continues to recover. 

Do you think the fact that a woman passed out at his house is a sign that Justin is out of control?

Source: TMZ