Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Photo: What Does Justin Bieber Want in a Woman? Humor.

When we think about Justin Bieber creating his own perfumes, we often wonder what kind of scents he’d choose. The smell of spray paint, like he used on his illegal international graffiti? Maybe not, because no one would buy that.

But either way, he’s releasing his latest fragrance, The Key, just in time for the holiday season, and this week, he shared a video that takes fans behind the scenes of the perfume’s commercial shoot.

In the video, Justin poses with models on a rooftop, plays the piano, and even juggles macaroons before throwing one in the air and catching it in his mouth. If this whole pop star thing doesn’t work out, he’s totally got a future in the circus. He also introduces the video’s director, Peter Glanz, who was on hand for the shoot.

And while Justin drops the perfume as he’s doing his best seductive face as he’s photographed for the print ad, he calls out, “This bottle’s not working right!”

“It’s been a long day,” Justin says at the end of the video. “And the shoot’s been amazing. I’m pretty tired. I’m probably gonna have some wild dreams tonight.”

As long as they’re not about ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, we should be in the clear.

You can see the original video for The Key — which Justin dubs as a “short film” — here.

Source: YouTube