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Is Justin Bieber getting ready to collect social security checks and take long walks through the park to feed ducks with scraps of bread that he brought from home? It seems that way, as the Biebs has announced that he's retiring from music soon. Early-bird dinner specials, here he comes!

The 19-year-old pop star was a guest on L.A.'s Power 106 radio station, and he dropped a huge bombshell during his on-air interview.

"After my new album, I'm actually retiring," Justin tells the DJs. Indeed, Justin says this with a straight face and appears to be completely serious.

So is this a joke or what? We can't imagine Justin would actually be hanging up his hat already, at the peak of his success, not to mention that Justin is known for being something of a prankster. 

Justin's reps would not comment on his statement, but an insider tells E! News, "Of course it's not true." Phew! Can you imagine the number of teenage girls who would be rioting on the streets if Justin were really dunzo? It would be madness.

Indeed, this is probably just a publicity stunt to help promote Justin's new concert film, Believe, which hits theaters this Christmas. Oh, Justin  he's a rascal, that one is!

So will we soon be hearing Justin tell kids to get off his lawn? We shall see.

Do you think Justin is really retiring? 

Source: E! News