Earlier this week Justin Bieber rolled up to a radio interview for Los Angeles hip hop station Power 106 in a giant black van and when he exited a plume of smoke followed him out. You know, from that incense he likes to burn while traveling.

Whatever the Biebs may or may not have been lighting up, TMZ reports he better watch out how smoky his transportation gets from here on out. “Cops are now on the lookout for ANY of the singer’s suspiciously smoking vehicles,” reads the TMZ article.

The site adds that cops are “pissed” with the 19-year-old pop prince for his entrance at Power 106 (see video from that memorable entrance). As a result, they’ll be on high alert for the Biebs and his entourage as they cruise Los Angeles.

TMZ says “the smoke would give cops probable cause to search the vehicle” and “everyone inside would be detained.” If anything illegal was found, Justin and his crew could face some serious penalties including a potential DUI for the driver.

His hazy arrival wasn’t the only notable part of Justin’s time at Power 106. It was that same interview that caught the teen star in a rare reflective moment as he reminisced about his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. “I was definitely in love,” he says of their time together, adding that “I love her to this day.”

Blame the, um, incense for making him so candid.

Source: TMZ

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