Chill out, everybody. Justin Bieber’s just growing up, says the 19-year-old’s music industry mentor Usher. During a December 18 interview at the premiere of Justin’s latest movie-ganza, Believe, Usher said the pop prince’s notorious antics are just a side effect of “more money, more problems.” Bonus points for originality there.

“The beautiful part about it is that those that are invested in a long-term story, you understand that there are peaks and valleys in every person’s life,” the mogul waxed poetic. “Unfortunately, the reality is he has to live with a camera in front of him, but what he choose to do on or off camera is analyzed or scrutinized in some off way.”

True enough and we’re sure Justin appreciates the vote of confidence after the year he’s had. To recap: 2013 featured the Biebs peeing in a mop bucket, disrespecting a former president, hanging out at a South American brothel, and reportedly putting the Los Angeles police on high alert.

“Pandora’s box was opened,” Justin’s manager Scooter Braun says of the past 12 months. “I mean he got a little bit into trouble.”

You’re in luck, Justin. It’s the perfect time to start brainstorming resolutions for the new year. One suggestion? Avoid strange women who film you while sleeping.

Source: The Huffington Post

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