It wasn’t as merry a Christmas as Justin Bieber may have liked. The 19-year-old’s latest movie picture venture, Believe, tanked at the box office, ranking just fourteenth in the day’s hit movies after its Christmas Day premiere, reports

Believe’s mere $1.25 million earnings on December 25 pale in comparison to the likes of holiday hits The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, American Hustle, and The Wolf Of Wall Street. The latter two grossed between $6 million and $6.5 million on December 26 alone, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Meanwhile, Believe is struggling to gross $10 million in its first five days, a surprising development seeing as Bieber’s concert documentary Never Say Never made a whopping $29.5 million during its February 2011 opening weekend. It also debuted in three times as many theaters as Believe, a total of 3,000 opening venues compared to the newer film’s modest 1,000.

Part of the problem may be the movie’s storyline. Where Never Say Never covered the fast-paced music that’s made Justin an international superstar, Believe focuses on the man behind the curtain and all of his various growing pains, a plot fans may be growing tired of and which, according to The Wrap, the movie fails to ever fully tackle.

There’s simply too much lacquer on his image to get through to who Bieber is or how he actually feels,” reads The Wrap’s review of the picture.

Could Believe’s struggles at the box office mean Bieber Fever’s finally be broken? Maybe his rumored retirement wouldn’t be as big of a deal as everyone seems to think. 

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