Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images Photo: Justin Bieber Poses at the Premiere of Believe in Los Angeles, California on December 18, 2013

When we think celebrities who should have spent a day or two in time out thinking about what they’ve done this year, Justin Bieber instantly comes to mind. In fact, we’re not sure who’s gotten themselves into more hot water in 2013: Justin, or his bodyguards.

In the latest chapter of Justin’s ever-growing legal saga, a member of his entourage is being investigated for battery against a limo driver, according to TMZ. Toronto police say that the driver, who was hired to drive Justin and his crew around, is claiming that he was attacked by one of Justin’s people while Justin was in the limo.

This is the second incident with Justin’s bodyguards this week — over the weekend, two of them were accused of attacking a police officer in Florida. Yikes! His entourage’s violence has been an ongoing theme this year, although Justin’s involvement in the incidents is usually unclear.

We’re hoping Justin decides to interview the people he works closest with a little more carefully in the future… especially since he manages to get into enough trouble all on his own. Or maybe an early retirement wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

We’ve gotta feel for the guy, though — poor Justin isn’t finishing out 2013 on a high note at all. His recent docu-flick, Believe, tanked at the box office when it opened last week on Christmas Day and so far has made only a fraction of what his previous movie, Never Say Never, pulled in during its opening weekend.

Here’s to a better 2014, Justin!

Source: TMZ