Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images Photo: Justin Bieber at the Premiere of Believe in Los Angeles, California on December 18, 2013

Justin Bieber is in the middle of one very egg-citing week. See what we did there?

Yesterday, the police raided Justin’s house to search for evidence in conjunction with his ongoing egg-throwing saga — and found a little more than they bargained for when they left with Justin’s pal Lil Za in cuffs, guilty of drug possession.

And Lil Za isn’t all the police left with. According to TMZ, they have also seized Justin’s phone so they can search it for any possible incriminating evidence related to the egg scandal — like text messages where Justin’s talked to his friends about it, or photos of the incident. But sources are saying it’s not egg-vidence (okay, sorry, we’ll stop) Justin’s worried about the cops finding — it’s super personal stuff like nude photos and drug references.

Not that the police are technically allowed to leak information they found on a cell phone, right? But chances are high that the phone could end up in the wrong hands while it’s out of Justin’s sight, and the 19-year-old singer is reportedly concerned it could ruin his career... not to mention the fact that if Justin's drug references are enough to prove he's broken the law, he could end up in even more hot water.

If that’s true, Justin will just have to wait and see — and count himself lucky that it wasn’t him who was arrested yesterday.

Source: TMZ