Justin Bieber must have a “Frisk Me” sign on his back these days, because the singer has had yet another run-in with the law. What now? According to TMZ, Justin’s private plane was detained on the runway because airport law enforcement thought they smelled a “strong odor of pot” coming from the aircraft.

The “Confident” singer and his entourage have since been released by authorities, who found no drugs on any of the passengers or on board the aircraft. With that little delay out of the way, Justin and his dad and friends are off to East Rutherford, New Jersey for the big game.

The Biebs and his crew flew into Teterboro Airport from Canada, where the 20-year-old star was recently charged with criminal assault stemming from a December 2013 incident. The singer was also arrested earlier this month in Miami for DUI, with toxicology reports testing positive for marijuana and prescription drugs.

It seems Justin and his crew have decided to straighten up and fly right this time around. Since they were on an international flight, sources indicate, the jet-setters were fully aware that a search upon landing was likely.

Hopefully this signals the end of The Biebs’s troubles with the law.

Source: TMZ